Year of birth: 1958

Member since: 1986

Residence: Čáslav

Occupation: usually works at the office

Marital status: divorced (on and off in relationships)

Children: Tomáš (*1981)

Hobbies: IT, movies, food

Favourite food: Smoked meat and all kinds of meat in all shapes (no change planned)

Favourite drinks: Pilsner Urquell but behind the wheel alcohol free drinks, coffee throughout the day

Favourite bands: Quicksilver, Country Gentlemen

Favourite music idols: none special

Instrument: bass guitar RK Bass and the double bass with appropriate resistance

Strings: whatever unexpensive set


Phone: +420603827560

Music history: so far he's been unwilling to brag about his music biography, but maybe we'll be able to pull something out of him with time. We've only found out that together with the Lebeda brothers he started a side business in the Brzdari band (country section and Johnny Cash Revival). Indeed his main asset, has been and always will be his natural eloquence, aside from his inherited beautiful voice color. Due to his eloquence he speaks for the Brzdari band, fortunately only on the stage. This skill also got him the position of the MC of the following festivals Kutnohorská kocábka, Kolínský ostrov, Červenopečecká Pecka, Lípa u Havlíčkova Brodu and above all Banjo Jamboree.