Year of birth: 1975

Member since: 2006

Residence: Praha

Occupation: web developer, teacher and monoinstrumentalist playing several instruments

Marital status: registered partnership

Children: unaware of any

Hobbies: sport (tennis, volleyball, football or soccer, table tennis, badminton) and wandering through czech or exotic lands

Favourite food: my mother's well-fried thin boneless schnitzel

Favourite drinks: Pilsner beer, red dry wine (preferably South African)

Favourite bands: New Grass Revival, Seldome Scene and many other from american bluegrass scene (esp. Queen and Jamiroquai)

Favourite singers: Bobby McFerrin, Freddie Mercury, Robbie Williams, John Cowan

Favourite mandolin players: Wayne Benson, Lou Reid

Instrument: Vojtěch Pečený - model A5 (2008)

Strings: GHS medium light


Telefon: 603180123

Music history: He has too many ex-bands (more than other band members) so his past is a bit unclear and he can't remember it properly. So with some difficulties he is only able to recount the following bluegrass set-ups: Sailors, Daybreak, Iluze, Přísně tajné, Torzo, Forte, Pražská čtvrť, Wejlet.
Besides, he is currently a member of some other music projects, that are dissimilar to bluegrass music but that doesn't diminish their value whether it is the duo with Tereza Bečičková, the vocal group Let's Go!, the ensemble Gospel Time or other bands. Moreover, he is an executive member of the Czech bluegrass music association.