1. Jesse James was a man who rambled through the land
And he rabbed many banks and trains
He was the leader man of a bold and wicked band
And many are the people that were slained

Rf. Jesse had a wife to mourn for his life
Three children they were brave
But that dirty little coward who shot Mister Howard
Has laid poor Jesse in his grave

2. It was on a Wednesday night when the moon was shining bright
They stopped the Glendale train
The people they did say for many miles away
It was robbed by Frank and Jesse James


3. Jesse was an expert shot his bullets found the mark
His aim was deadly and true
With his pistols by his side he rambled forth and wide
As many bad rabber men do


4. It was on a Monday night Jesse hung a picture high
Talking to his children smart
Robert Ford from behind like a thief without fight
Has shot Jesse into his heart